Virtual Data Room Providers

When do you need a secure data room?

Virtual data rooms are indispensable for the normal functioning of large enterprises and small institutions. They bring most business processes to a level where it becomes easier to follow them. This article will explain the most common cases of using this software.

Data room software: when is it necessary?

Virtual data room solves a wide range of tasks in the field of workflow automation, including ensuring the input of electronic documents (scanning), digitization (recognition), storage security, and other operations with documents.

  • The programs of this class are unified and designed to:
  • optimize work with incoming/outgoing/internal files;
  • serve customers as quickly as possible;
  • optimize the movement of protocols, certificates, and orders within the structural unit and between branches;
  • create and maintain a secure data repository from which it will be possible at any time to request the desired contract or retrieve it; 
  • organize secure data exchange between contractors.

The data room safety is one of the important issues of their use in the activities of an organization or institution. Since information materials may contain personal data or commercial or operational confidential information, organizations need to control who is allowed access to documents and under what circumstances. In this regard, the operation of the system, as a rule, is based on delimiting the level of user access to specific information materials; the use of tools for the regular creation of backup copies of information materials and their metadata; maintaining a protocol of control information; transfer of encrypted data between participants in communication activities, if necessary.

The functionality of the data room system

A virtual data room is a single database on the server that allows you to securely store, organize and quickly find the information you need. Thanks to this, an important principle of electronic management of documented information is implemented – data is stored in a single copy in a place protected from unauthorized access.

Each type of documented information in the system is subject to registration. The registration card may contain the following information: name, system identifier, classification code, opening date, protection category (bar) (if used), storage location, etc. When they enter the repository, automatic or manual indexing of documented information is carried out to organize the search for the required documents and information materials. The image of documented information formed in indexing in the form of symbols assigned to it allows you to quickly search for the necessary information materials by key terms. They also include advanced features such as online scanning, barcodes, attribute search, full text, optical character recognition, and digital signatures.

Data room security measures

The basis for delimiting the level of user access to the data room information materials libraries is the role of an employee or group of employees in the business activities of an organization (institution). There are four standard sets of user rights access: 

  • reading all documents in the document library section; 
  • reading all documents of the document library section, creating new documents, and editing your documents;
  • reading all documents of the document library section, creating new ones, editing all documents; 4) reading all documents of the document library, creating new documents, editing and deleting all documents, and the ability to change the access rights of other users to the document.

So, the benefits obtained from working with the data room can be both material and reputational. It contributes to the improvement of discipline and the corporate consciousness of employees as it acts, extracts, and orders drawn up according to uniform standards to inform the inspection bodies of the company’s integrity and serious attitude to business.